Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse for tankers

Alfa Laval Pureballast 3 Ex deckhouses for tankers

If your tanker uses submersible cargo pumps, you have maximum room for product – but no pump room or other internal space for a ballast water treatment system. Alfa Laval’s deckhouse solution is purpose-designed for installing PureBallast 3 Ex on the weather deck.

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Easy acquisition

Alfa Laval delivers the deckhouse as a fully type-approved and pre-assembled solution, complete with the PureBallast 3 Ex system and all internal piping and wiring. That means easy ordering, as well as plug-and-play installation on the weather deck.


Time and money saved

Self-contained and ready to connect, a PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse means less engineering and time in dry dock – which saves you money. Thanks to an integrated booster pump unit (BPU) option, you don’t even have to modify the existing ballast water pumps.


Lasting protection

A PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse is weatherproofed and ready for the real world, with materials and construction that protect your ballast water treatment system over its lifetime. Much more than a container, it has built-in insulation and climate control.

PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse Best choice for you

Why a PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse is your best choice

Far different from a container, a PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse is a specially designed and carefully constructed solution. It’s fully insulated, made from marine-grade steel and delivered with the ballast water treatment system on fixed rails inside. That ensures protection for your PureBallast 3 Ex system and its performance, throughout a lifetime of rough weather and temperature extremes.

Best of all, the solution is plug-and-play, which means easy installation with a minimum of engineering and shipyard work. Only external connections are needed, and everything within the deckhouse is pre-approved by class.

Deckhouses made for the real world

Details matter when installing a ballast water treatment system on the weather deck. The design, materials and construction must all work together to protect the system and its function. See why Alfa Laval’s type-approved deckhouse solution for PureBallast 3 Ex is quality from start to finish.

First with full design type approval

The weather deck is no place for experiments, especially when it comes to compliance. Alfa Laval worked closely with leading classification societies to standardize the deckhouse construction. Find out why the PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse solution is the only one with full design type approval.

Booster pump solution

Installing a ballast water treatment system on the weather deck shouldn’t create problems for your existing ballast pumping system. See how the integrated booster pump unit (BPU) for PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouses ensures sufficient head – without modifying existing pumps.

Engineered for peace of mind

A deckhouse is a self-contained solution, so every aspect of a PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse is carefully planned and engineered. Watch system designer Terese Eklov point out some of the details that keep compliance reliable and maintenance work easy.

Take a virtual deckhouse tour

Get a close look at a PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse by taking a virtual tour on board a tanker. Use your computer or a VR headset to explore this purpose-designed solution, which enables fast, easy and cost-effective installation on the weather deck.

Take the virtual tour

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Deckhouse Millenia case

A deckhouse solution trusted by shipowners

All we had to do was connect the deckhouse to the ballast pump main line, so it was really very easy. The Alfa Laval deckhouse is fully weatherproof and offers the best protection you could ask for, just as if they system were in the engine room.”

Francesco Ricciardi, General Manager, Millenia Maritime Inc.

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PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse leaflet

The PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse product leaflet explains Alfa Laval’s deckhouse solution in detail, providing component information and relevant technical specifications.


Download the leaflet


Booster pump unit (BPU) leaflet

The booster pump unit (BPU) product leaflet covers the integrated BPU option for PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouses, providing background and technical specifications.


Download the leaflet


What’s required of a deckhouse?

The weather deck is a harsh place, so it takes more than a container to protect the ballast water treatment system – and your compliance. Our short guide explains the deckhouse demands.

Get the short guide


Service and support worldwide

Alfa Laval’s service team is available 24/7 and wherever you sail, providing everything you need for peace of mind. Our experts can take full responsibility for the inspections, calibrations and other services required by the regulations, and our offering includes PureBallast Connect digital services to help you reduce OPEX.

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PureBallast training

Having the right ballast water treatment system is only one part of securing compliance. The crew must also be able to use it – safely, correctly and efficiently. PureBallast 3 training is available on board, online and at centres worldwide, so that crews can get the knowledge they need to ensure proper operation and care.

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Let’s discuss your needs and the PureBallast solution to meet them. You can get in touch with us right here.

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