Marine gasketed plate heat exchangers

Alfa Laval has been developing heat transfer technology for more than 80 years and has been active in the marine industry for over a century. Based on that vast wealth of experience, our engineers have designed gasketed plate heat exchangers that set entirely new standards – not only for reliability, but also for thermal performance and ease of service.

marine GPHE

The marine industry’s most modern line of plate heat exchangers

  • Superior reliability and energy efficiency
  • Small size and footprint (CompactFrame™ design)
  • Minimal fouling (CurveFlow™ plate distribution area)
  • Easy installation and service (five-point alignment system)
  • Optimized global supply chain and production for smallest environmental footprint

Suitable for any vessel, Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers excel in applications from general heating and cooling to heat recovery, condensation and evaporation. With their innovative features, they take reliability to an all-new level and save crews time and effort during maintenance. Above all, their design minimizes fouling and maximizes heat transfer capabilities, which ensures the highest possible energy efficiency.


Gasketed plate heat exchangers for your vessel

Compact, reliable and energy-efficient, Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers are also safe and simple for crews to maintain. Our flexible marine line provides the right match for your needs today – with the possibility to adjust capacities later.

marine GPHE range
DN 60
DN 100
DN 150
DN 200
DN 250
DN 350
H (mm) 890 1054 1833/1781 2082 2761 2875
W (mm) 320 470 610/650 755 913 1174
Max flow rate (m3/h) 60 160 370 650 1000 1970
Capacity (kW) – water duty with LMTD 6 800 3 000 9 000 18 000 28 000 35 000


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Heating and cooling in an engine room

On a ship, there are many types of machinery with a cooling demand. When the heat energy cannot be recovered or utilized, the total costs of transferring it away from the machinery should be kept to a minimum. Alfa Laval can ensure a cost-effective central cooling system through our portfolio of innovative plate heat exchangers. Our gasketed plate heat exchangers have unique features that reduce the running costs for engine room cooling – and contribute to sustainability.


Are you on a quest to save energy?

Alfa Laval is setting the standard for thermal efficiency of plate heat exchangers. Bringing together innovative features improving energy efficiency and minimizing downtime we can accelerate the transition to more sustainable solutions and reach net-zero by 2050.

TS45 plate on grey medium shot 4 640x360

Kræv nye standarder

Introduktion til verdens mest moderne pladevarmevekslere med pakningsmontering. Opdag, hvordan vores næste generation af varmevekslere med pakningsmontering giver dig mere effektivitet, større pålidelighed og bedre service.

Demand new standards Webbanner EN

Har du brug for BIM-filer?

Varmevekslere fra Alfa Laval er nu tilgængelige i den digitale infrastruktur til BIM-objekter. Preview og download bygningsinformationsmodel-filer (BIM), der vedrører dine varmeoverførselsløsninger.

header tools 640x360

Sådan fungerer det

Varmeoverførselsområdet i en pladevarmeveksler med pakningsmontering består af en række bølgeformede plader, der er samlet mellem en ramme og nogle trykplader for at bevare trykket. Pakninger fungerer som forseglinger mellem pladerne. Væsker løber normalt modstrøms gennem varmeveksleren. Dette giver den mest effektive termiske ydeevne og muliggør en tilgang med nærmeste temperatur, dvs. temperaturforskellen mellem procesmediet ved udløb og mediet ved indløb er mindst mulig.

Features that make the difference

The Industrial line is equipped with features that turn this high-performance family into efficient and reliable workhorses that are easy to service and maintain over the whole product lifecycle.

For efficiency

By improving the efficiency of your heat exchanger, you can maximize production and minimize energy consumption to reduce your power bill and improve your environmental footprint.

See product animations below or get more information and listen to our technical experts.


Forbedrer mediets gennemløb og minimerer risikoen for forurening.


ikke-cirkulære åbninger

Forbedrer mediets gennemløb og den termiske effektivitet.

plate design 

Improves thermal efficiency and optimizes pressure drop utilization.

For reliability

We are always looking to increase the reliability of every aspect of our gasketed plate heat exchangers.
We focus on durable designs based on robust materials and safe manufacturing processes.

See product animations below or get more information and listen to our technical experts.


Øger pladens stivhed og levetid.



Sikrer pålidelig pladeplacering og nem vedligeholdelse for store enheder.


Sikrer pålidelig pladejustering og nem vedligeholdelse.


For serviceability

The simple opening and closing of the plate-and-frame design with gaskets enables hassle-free inspection and service. It also enables you to easily adapt the unit to new process conditions.

See product animations below or get more information and listen to our technical experts.

montering af pakning

Sikrer perfekt forsegling og problemfri vedligeholdelse.

Tbar symbolT-bar roller

Provides a lower unit that is easy to service.


Garanterer en enhed, der er nem at åbne, så vedligeholdelsen bliver nemmere og mere effektiv at gå til.

Kompakt ramme

Letter vedligeholdelsen og minimerer kravene til serviceområdet.


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