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Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen

Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen is founded on the belief that we achieve more together. This is where Alfa Laval, in interaction with startups, accelerates the creation of new business ideas through knowledge sharing and partnerships.

Alfa Laval invests globally resources, expertise and its network in mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe this can help accelerate innovation and the development of our products and technologies within our key business areas covering the marine, food and beverage industries as well as wastewater and energy.

The purpose of Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen is to control the development direction in relation to two lighthouses: Digitization and sustainability. In doing so, we live up to our overall vision of creating better everyday conditions for people. Alfa Laval is focused on saving energy and protecting the environment by optimizing our own and our customers' use of nature's resources.

We are the world leader in three key technologies: heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. With more than 2,500 patents, we provide global solutions in areas that are vital to society today and in the future.

Start-ups at Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen


MediaMedic specializes in creating professional solutions for all types of companies, e.g., product/device demonstration via 2D / 3D animation, visualization, illustration, advanced fluid simulation. Always in High Definition (HD) quality up to 8K. Interactive Virtual Reality solutions for training, R&D, events, and much more. Multiple users can meet in a real-time, via Desktop or Virtual Reality headset.

Copenhagen Atomics

Copenhagen Atomics is working on developing the future energy supply based on the element thorium. Thorium energy can deliver CO2- and emission-free energy while being able to interact with the production of synthetic fuels, solar and wind. Thorium is naturally found everywhere on Earth, and reserves can cover the global energy needs of the globe for the next 1,000 years. Copenhagen Atomics was established in 2015 and currently employs 10 people and has partners all over the world.


SiOx has developed a protective coating that prevents scale formation on heat exchangers. Their coating creates a very thin, smooth and dense barrier, which maintains the heat exchanger efficiency. The coating consists entirely of silicon and oxygen, and it is therefore non-toxic.


Hymeth has two product lines for two different applications, Hyaeon™ and Hynace™. At present, Hymeth has 8 pioneering technology patents under treatment that produce sustainable and cost-effective hydrogen, oxygen and methane - three major industrial gases.

Kaffe Bueno

Kaffe Bueno is the 1st circular economy around coffee. Through proprietary biotechnology innovation, we extract high value compounds from Spent Coffee Grounds (coffee's "waste") to produce ingredients for cosmetics, functional foods and nutraceuticals. Unlocking coffee's potential for human health and skin, while reducing emissions on coffee's value chain.


Heliac’s solar collectors capture and focus sunlight the same way as magnifying glasses do, thereby reaching temperatures above 350C. High efficiency and simple design bring the cost of heat below any other source of heat production almost anywhere. High temperatures allow for targeting industries that include food & beverage, desalination, chemicals, pulp & paper, mining, and many more.


Waste heat is one of the largest unexploited energy resources in the world. But until now, materials for upcycling waste heat to electrical energy have either been very expensive, used lead compounds, or could not operate above 200 °C. TEGnology has the solution in terms of two economic, efficient and cleaner materials for the conversion process – allowing you to win some of the lost energy back. This means that some very compelling goals can be achieved such as better fuel economy, less CO2 emission and lower manufacturing costs.


Developing drone wind energy in order to create a future where renewable energy is the most cost effective option. Cheaper energy will help societies reduce the average amount of “hard” work required to sustain a given living standard, freeing up time for more valuable pursuits.

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Want to know more?

Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen is located in Soeborg and is part of:

Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S

Maskinvej 5

2860 Soeborg

Phone: +45 39 53 60 00


Partnerships for the goals

Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen has entered into a partnership agreement with Gladsaxe Municipality, DTU Skylab, DTU, Copenhagen Business Hub and Gladsaxe Erhvervsby.

The overall goal of the partnership is to achieve the World Sustainability Goal # 17.

This is done by supporting the development of Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen as a place where growth and development is created on the basis of Alfa Laval being part of partnerships with start-ups.