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Empowering the visionaries of a sustainable future

It’s our ambition to attract, and work with, startups that shares the same vision as we do, making our world a better place, every day.
Our focus is digitalization and sustainability.
Two areas where we want to learn and win, and where we have, or co-create, the technologies that can make the real impact for a sustainable world.

Alfa Laval Innovation House hosts 22 external startups with ambitions to change the future, and 1 internal startup. Explore the startups within the categories of Energy, Food & water and Digitalization.



Future energy supply based on the element thorium.

Copenhagen Atomics LFW WB 2

Changing energy.

Heliac LFW WB

Journey towards a sustainable world.

Hymeth LFW WB

Windpower for the outdoors.


From Biomass to Biofuel.

Kvasir Technologies LFW WB

Helping companies go carbon neutral by transforming their CO2 emission into valuable products.

Second Circle LFW WB

Protective coating that prevents scale formation on heat exchangers.


Thermo electric generation – converting heat to electricity.

TEGnology LFW WB

Food & Water


Developing game-changing alternatives to fossil-based plastics.

Cellugy LFW WB

Natural color for a better world.

Chromologics LFW WB

Unlocking coffee's health potential.

Kaffe Bueno LFW WB

Sustainability driven by data.

Nature Preserve LFW WB
Rodee LFW WB

Sundew uses biology to tackle vermin and diseases that live in or are transferred by water.

Sundew LFW WB

Ingredients that provide engaging stories for your products.




Improves biotechnology research and development by providing autonomous control of experiments and continuous data collection.

atSpiro LFW WB

Dispensing made simple.

Aim Robotics LFW WB

Leading in AI and biologically inspired signal processing.

Bionic Systems Solutions LFW WB

A menu planning, and tracking solution that enables food serving companies to reduce food waste and sustainably improve the quality of menus.

FoodOptimize LFW WB

Interactive XR solutions for training, R&D, events, and much more.

MediaMedic LFW WB

Provides computational tools to accelerate research & development efforts by the pharma, biotech and chemical industry.


Created the next generation of CNC milling experience called SimpleMill that allows anyone to produce high quality components in record time.

Vaerks LFW WB