Welded spiral heat exchangers

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers are designed to handle the toughest heat transfer challenges. Whether it’s frequent fouling from dirty media, or limitations from pressure drop and floor space, they are the ultimate problem solver for liquid-to-liquid and two-phase duties. The robust, efficient and compact designs keep both installation and maintenance costs extremely low, and they have a proven reputation for almost never fouling up.

Welded spiral heat exchanger

Improving sustainability with Alfa Laval’s spiral heat exchangers

  • Minimal fouling, or clogging, in duties involving very dirty, highly viscous or particulate media, ensures uptime
  • Easy-to-open design makes cleaning quick and simple, ensuring low maintenance costs
  • Reduced pipework and steel structures means lower installation costs
  • Increased energy savings and reduced emissions thanks to thermal efficiencies 2-3 times higher than comparable shell-and tube exchangers
  • Each unit is fully customized, offering the best thermal fit for the specific duty



Technical information

No supplier on the market has more experience than Alfa Laval when it comes to designing and manufacturing spiral heat exchangers. Over fifty years of expertise has gone into making them the ultimate solution to tough process problems.

Find all relevant technical information about Welded spiral heat exchangers including our unique innovations that set it apart from the rest.

How do Welded spiral heat exchangers work? Learn about the working principle of them and watch explanatory animations.

You can also read more details about our product models designed for different duties.

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Meet our experts

Solving the toughest challenges

Do you need a heat exchanger that’s a true workhorse? With an ingenious design that prevents fouling and keeps it working longer between cleanings, you can count on a spiral heat exchanger from Alfa Laval to get the job done – year after year.

Improving sustainability with welded spiral heat exchangers

Spiral heat exchangers from Alfa Laval are a proven solution for duties involving highly viscous very dirty particulate loaded fluids, where fouling and blockage are major problems.

75 years of partnership and innovation

Spiral heat exchangers from Alfa Laval are designed to deliver – for licensors, EPC contractors and end-users. They handle the heaviest heat transfer demands, even with dirty or viscous media. Best of all, we’re dedicated to building long-term partnerships that are as reliable as our heat exchangers themselves – and last just as long.




Alfa Laval is the only supplier on the market with more than a half-century of experience with spiral technology. Our robust, efficient and compact designs have a proven reputation for high reliability in some of the toughest process duties across industries. With added support from a worldwide network of local service experts, you can count on your spiral heat exchanger delivering truly sustainable uptime .

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Troubleshooting assistance

If you ever encounter a performance challenge or unexplained phenomenon, we can connect you with one of our trained and experienced troubleshooters who will suggest solutions and offer suggestions for further process improvements.

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Sustain efficiency with our ten top tips for spiral heat exchangers

Do you have a spiral heat exchanger? We want to share our best practices for maintaining consistently high performance, maximum operational reliability, and exceptional energy efficiency. We’ve created a new series of videos that show you how to perform maintenance safely and how to keep your heat exchangers in the best possible condition.





Hear from real-life customers how Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers have helped them increase energy savings, cut emissions and solve issues with severe fouling in their processes.

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Perfect for plastic recycling

Their outstanding ability to handle heavily fouling fluids and exceptional heat transfer efficiency, make Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers the perfect choice for all plastic recycling applications. With spiral heat exchangers in your process, you can lower your energy costs, reduce your annual CO2 emissions, prolong uptime, and increase your production capacity.


FAQs about welded spiral heat exchangers

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about welded spiral heat exchangers and answers from Alfa Laval experts here.

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