Securing a perfect match with Alfa Laval PureBallast retrofits

When choosing a ballast water treatment system, supplier capabilities are as important as system capabilities – especially when it comes to retrofits. Alfa Laval has the technology, experience and flexibility to offer a truly customer-adapted approach.

DATE 2023-11-27

NEAR Marine

Alfa Laval’s strength in ballast water treatment continues to grow. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.1 is approved for all types of water, has been submitted for US Coast Guard approval and is now available in compact, skid-mounted solutions for smaller vessels. But for retrofits, the advantages go beyond the system itself.

“Retrofits are a major focus area where Alfa Laval has a full decade of experience,” says Stephen Westerling Greer, Global Business Manager for PureBallast. “No one offers greater flexibility or peace of mind when it comes to equipping existing vessels.”

 No two projects are identical

 The experience of the past ten years has shown that retrofit projects can differ significantly. Not only the vessels, but also customers’ timelines, resources and geographical constraints, have an impact on the delivery of a project.

“Retrofits are affected by what’s already on board, and even sister vessels may have differences that impact design and installation,” says Westerling Greer. “So to ensure an optimized system, a vessel-specific solution may be needed for a given installation. And just as importantly, the retrofit project process has to be optimized for each individual customer.”

A fully customized approach

As Westerling Greer points out, Alfa Laval can address the full range of retrofit needs. “We can work with the customer’s existing resources or source all necessary competencies from within our network,” he says. “In addition to handling technical aspects, training and class approval, we can assist with budgeting or even provide financing solutions.”

The key, says Westerling Greer, is project customization. “Together with the customer, we assess both the vessel design and the practical needs,” he says. “Our scope is adjusted to create the right solution – rather than a fixed solution.”

Cooperating locally and worldwide

Retrofitting takes focus and teamwork, as well as flexibility on a global scale. Often there are many parties involved, and things can change quickly when a customer does business worldwide.

“Retrofits involve partnership, and Alfa Laval makes sure all partners understand the scope, the timeline and their responsibilities,” says Westerling Greer. “We see that everything comes together as planned, even when the plans are altered. If a customer’s trading route changes prior to docking, for example, we have the presence to supply and support a new docking site anywhere in the world.”

“Retrofits are always complex,” he adds, “but in ballast water treatment, there’s no safer or simpler solution than working with Alfa Laval.”

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