Performance Audit for Aalborg boilers

Performance Audit for Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers is a service for assessing your Aalborg boiler system and determining its actual performance. It can be used when the performance of the boiler system - or of specific components within it - is degraded or in need of tuning, and/or when troubleshooting is required to restore operation.

The information the Performance Audit provides can be used to predict your boiler's future status and to optimize preventive maintenance, as well as to identify possible upgrades and operational improvements

The service can be used at any point in your boiler's life cycle. Above all, your boiler's burner and control system should be checked on a regular basis. Over time the performance of the boiler changes, which may lead to less efficient combustion. Inspecting the burner and adjusting it for optimized performance is part of the Performance Audit. 

The service can be performed anywhere in the world, even at short notice. All work is carried out on board by a skilled Alfa Laval field service engineer - in port, at a shipyard or at sea during your vessel's normal operation. 

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  • Optimized combustion and overall boiler performance
  • Verified operating reliability of combustion system equipment
  • Increased boiler uptime
  • Reduced spare parts consumption
  • Reduced operating and maintenance cost

Scope of supply

Alfa Laval can audit the performance of both Alfa Laval boilers systems and other boilers. The service visit typically involves the following activities:

  • Check of process parameters, both historical and during running conditions
  • Check of alarm history to determine status and necessary actions
  • Verification of FD (forced-draught) fan function, including controls, actuators and functions/leakages
  • Operational test of fuel changeover (if fuel sources are available)
  • Check of combustion performance
  • Safety check of burner management system
  • Report on inspection including cause of damage, improvement recommendations, repair and upgrade proposals, if any
  • Recommissioning or burner adjustments

Scope of service

Assessment of equipment performance
Investigation and testing that involves:

    • Condition and function verification of burner management system
    • Condition and function verification of field instrumentation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Audit for combustion performance
    • Problem-solving in the case of a malfunction

Service report
Presents the findings of the service visit, including:

    • Causes of damage
    • Improvement recommendations
    • Repair or upgrade proposals (when applicable) with payback analysis