CM Connect

The Alfa Laval CM Connect is a condition monitor and cloud gateway for remote, real-time monitoring of hygienic pumps. Compact and easy to use, it can also link up to 10 Alfa Laval CM wireless vibration monitors, sending critical data to the cloud. An intuitive dashboard lets users access data on connected computers or mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. Actionable notifications enable informed decision-making to prevent unplanned downtime and reduce costs.

阿法拉伐CM Connect监视器

Optimize maintenance decisions using condition monitoring in real time

  • Maximize process continuity and equipment efficiency through data-driven decisions
  • Increase asset value, eliminate costly unplanned downtime and improve asset performance
  • Lower total cost of ownership by identifying, prioritizing, and planning maintenance tasks based on actual equipment condition
  • Safely secure and analyze asset data in real time from a remote location using an intuitive dashboard on connected computers or mobile devices
  • Locate authorized service centres and replacement wear parts using the condition monitoring dashboard

Reduce unplanned downtime by capturing the critical data required for smart, condition-based maintenance decisions. The Alfa Laval CM Connect provides complete visibility of the vibration, temperature and runtime of your connected pumps. Leveraging actionable data to steer your maintenance decisions in real time enhances process continuity and improves asset management.


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Maximize plant efficiency and safeguard your assets

Use trend analysis and diagnostics to drive appropriate maintenance actions, increase uptime, prolong the service lifetime of your pumps, and improve asset management and utilization.

Lower total cost of ownership, higher level of worker safety

Remote asset condition monitoring enables proactive maintenance decisions, using machine learning to predict potential issues before impacting your operations and workers. With comprehensive condition monitoring, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to your staff as well as potential asset loss and damage. This increases worker safety while reducing total cost of ownership.

Easy-to-install, easy-to-operate condition monitoring system

Mounted on the wall, the Alfa Laval CM Connect serves as a gateway. It links up to 10 wireless CM vibration monitors within range via Bluetooth and sends data to the cloud using 4G LTE connectivity. When mounted on Alfa Laval LKH, SRU, SX, and DuraCirc pumps, it can also act as a stand-alone condition monitor while collecting and sending data from CM vibration monitors to the cloud. Easy access to data and trends analysis from connected personal computers or mobile devices enables smart condition-based maintenance decisions.

CM Connect система контроля технического состояния для дистанционного мониторинга вращающегося гоборудования

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the Alfa Laval CM Connect condition monitoring system links up to 10 Alfa Laval CM wireless vibration monitors within range, collecting data from rotating equipment on triaxial vibration, internal temperature and runtime. It then transmits the data to the cloud via 4G long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity.


For complete visibility of assets in a specific location, users access the data and trend analysis using an intuitive dashboard from connected computers and/or mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. The dashboard displays equipment condition, battery status of connected vibration monitors, historical data for machine vibration and frequency analysis, current and total running hours, number of stop/starts and information, such as serial number, of the monitored unit.


Selecting any individual asset enables users to view vibration data collected using a triaxial accelerometer, the status of the vibration level relative to the baseline, and the current condition of the asset compared to its original benchmark value. The use of actionable data supports condition-based maintenance to prevent equipment failure.

Should deviations from the pre-set threshold values occur, users receive e-mail or SMS notifications in real time. This enables appropriate action, identifying and remedying the root cause of potential issues that can cause equipment failure.


Users can also locate and contact authorized Alfa Laval service partners nearby, ensuring quick, easy access to trained and professional service centres that use genuine Alfa Laval spare parts, maintain equipment reliability, and conduct maintenance under warranty. 


To download the Alfa Laval CM Connect app scan the QR-code or click the download button.




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Connected Services subscription

To increase asset reliability and uptime, it is essential to establish a performance baseline of the state or condition of your assets by monitoring specific operating parameters of your pumps. To that end, the purchase of the Alfa Laval CM Connect includes a 12-month Connected Services subscription to view data on current asset condition and establish a performance measurement baseline. 


Installing and commissioning the CM Connect for the first time automatically activates your Connected Services. Connected Services include 4G LTE access, where available, a custom dashboard interface for unlimited users. It also includes a team of Alfa Laval specialists who can advise you and remotely monitor your equipment to help prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs. They can also advise and assist to local service teams about how best to prioritize must-do maintenance tasks.


After the initial subscription period, the CM Connect subscription for Connected Services will automatically be renewed yearly, based on the number of assets monitored and customer requirements, until such time it is cancelled.


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Condition monitoring prevented the product loss of 288,000 bottles at Britvic facility

The user-friendly and cost-effective Analytics for online condition monitoring brought peace of mind and enabled Britvic to maintain pumps at their peak performance during 24/7 production


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