Next Generation Food

Sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s harvest

Alfa Laval provides unmatched separation expertise for the changing food landscape. Our separator innovations bring scalability, profitability, and sustainability to next-generation food processes like cellular agriculture.

A reliable partner in cellular agriculture

Alfa Laval provides efficient separation of the most difficult cell cultures – together with the expertise and technology for safe and smooth scale-up.

A century of cell harvesting experience

Alfa Laval has developed ever-more advanced cell culture separation solutions. Today, we are at the leading edge of separation in biotech and cellular agriculture.

What sets Alfa Laval apart

Hermetic Design and Bactofuge are two technologies ideal for cellular agriculture. You only find them in Alfa Laval separators.

Solving your challenges across borders

Alfa Laval can draw on a global footprint and skilled local teams to ensure that your separation solution is thoroughly tested and validated before you invest in it.

Why separation testing?

In-depth analysis and hands-on testing are the best way to ensure that your separation solution meets every demandGet an overview of testing capabilities offered by Alfa Laval.  

The testing journey

From lab-scale testing to large scale production: your testing journey is tailored to your needs, with expert guidance at every step. The journey can be short or long depending on your challenges.  

Alfa Laval Food lab

In our Food lab, separation experts do R&D testing for future separation solutions as well as customer testing using customer feedstockOur experts work closely with customers and have experience with most food applications out there.  

Experts at your service

In our Material, Technology & Chemistry labcertified specialists secure that the right material is used in our productsIf you have a challenging separation task, they can support in identifying the separability of your product. 

Explorer: the universal test unit

The Explorer is a very flexible test separator that allows you to test the Alfa Laval portfolio on a small-scale. The results in lab and pilot scale are fully scalable to larger machines. It is the “Swiss army knife” of test separators 

Get your answers onsite

You can rent test equipment from us for onsite testing. You then get to know the equipment before you make the investment. Alfa Laval test separators are suitable for food, biopharma and energy applications. 

Udforsk vores innovationer

Vil du vide mere om vores innovationer inden for separationsteknologi? Klik på nedenstående link. Alfa Laval opfandt den første skivebaserede separator og har ført an i udviklingen af centrifugeteknologi i over et århundrede. Vi er glade for at dele den ekspertise, vi har fået undervejs, med dig. Besøg vores Separator Innovator-vidensbase for at få mere at vide om fremskridtene inden for separationsteknologi og de skridt, Alfa Laval tager for løbende at revolutionere teknologien.

Separator Innovator 640x360