Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger condenser are saving space and increasing productivity

For years Brunner Mond used tubular Caisse heat exchangers as ammonia still condensers at their soda ash plant in Northwich, England. However, as time passed, the tubes became older and more prone to corrosion and began to leak. The plant engineers faced the problem of whether to shut down the process for re- tubing or find an alternative method. The solution was an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger condenser which not only improved productivity and reduced maintenance but took only a fraction of the space.

DATE 2023-11-28

Brunner Mond produces soda ash primarily for the glass industry using the Solvay process. The basic raw process materials are limestone and sodium chloride treated in a series of controlled chemical reactions. During processing a gaseous mixture consisting of ammonia, carbon dioxide and water vapour emitted from the ammonia still must be cooled so that the ammonia and carbon dioxide can be reintroduced to the process. The water vapour must be removed in a condenser in order not to dilute the process.




The AlfaCond is the first plate condenser in the world specifically designed for low-pressure vapour condensation in all types of industries.

 AlfaCond plate condenser  


The construction of the plate heat exchanger offers the
following advantages:

  • Small surface area permits economic use of expensive
    materials such as titanium
  • High overall heat transfer coefficients
  • Small space requirement with no extra space required for maintenance
  • Very low weight requires lighter foundations; low hold-up volumes provide faster response to control functions
  • Flexible design permits rearrangement to meet new
    process conditions
  • Non-gasketed constructions available for vapour for flammable or toxic substances

Customer's voice

The system is extremely reliable and responds quickly to changes in feed rates and conditions. The larger gas condenser unit has shown no tendency to fouling, even after four years of continuous use.

A spokesman for Brunner Mond