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Optimize your energy consumption and minimize your time consumption using intelligent valve control

What is the webinar about?

Reducing water costs and minimizing the consumption of chemicals are hot topics for many companies within the food, beverage and dairy industries. Sustainable production is also an issue that many companies are having on their agenda. So how exactly do you achieve the mentioned cost reductions while being sustainable, you may ask? By optimizing your valve-control selection you will inevitably achieve your targets of using less water and less chemicals in your production. Valve-control selection is so much more than just the purchase price. It is about leveraging modern technology and the capabilities that reduce the operating cost of design, installation, commissioning, production and maintenance with the lowest possible impact on the environment. During this webinar we will be looking into the benefits of using the latest technology in valve-control and the ways of ensuring that your company cuts time and CIP water and wastewater costs in the process.

Speaker: Rene Stietz, Product Portfolio Manager, Valves and Automation 

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Optimize the pump selection in your company to minimize energy consumption

What is the webinar about?

Optimize to economize sounds rather logical and straight forward. But what exactly do you achieve by optimizing your pump selection in your company? Pump selection is not just about purchase price.
It is also about specifying what pump can do the right job at lowest possible operating cost and with the lowest possible environmental impact. During this webinar we will be looking into the benefits of selecting an energy efficient pump and the ways of ensuring that your company cuts energy costs in the process.

Speaker: Jesper Holst Rasmussen, Global Product Manager, Pumps

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