Fuel conditioning MRIN

One of the biggest challenges facing any ship owner is the balancing act between engine efficiency, fuel costs and compliance with environmental legislation. Multiple future fuel scenarios makes the today’s choice of solutions even more important. You need a fuel conditioning solution which will supply your engine with right fuel at the right time, with the right conditions met to keep everything running smoothly.

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Alfa Laval FCM for smooth and future-proof operations

  • FCM can automatically handle up to four different fuels from four separate service tanks, all at a single push of a button
  • Automatic fuel changeover which is consistent regardless of the engine load
  • The intuitive HMI allows control over all of the functions and equipment, and gives you access to all the data held on the system
Alfa Laval has been providing the marine industry with fuel conditioning modules for many years, and throughout this time we’ve optimized our systems to prepare our customers for any future. FCM 1.5 Oil is a fuel conditioning module engineered to offer maximum efficiency, flexibility, and peace of mind. Our fully automated module can meet the full range of fuel conditioning needs, and can be configured to handle multiple fuels.

Meeting today’s challenges

Emissions legislation

In order to comply with the 2020 sulphur cap, the owners have a wide range of fuels available, and what convenient today might not be the best choice for tomorrow. The sooner you can secure fuel flexibility, the better.

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Fuel changeover process

Most ships work with more than one fuel type to allow them to more easily meet emissions demands, but switching between fuels can be hazardous and costly.

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Light fuels

Light fuels like MGO are better for the environment, but they pose new challenges for engines and fuel boosters.

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