Produktion af fine og særlige kemikalier

Produktion af fine og særlige kemikalier – såsom klæbemidler, harpiks, overfladeaktive stoffer, tilsætningsstoffer med polymer, kemikalier til vandbehandling mv. – kræver specialiserede teknologier, der er lige så driftssikre, som de er omkostningseffektive. Alfa Laval arbejder tæt sammen med producenter af petrokemiske produkter med henblik på at optimere processerne inden for opvarmning, køling, kondensering, kedler samt varmeoverførsel for at højne lønsomheden

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Optimizing fine and specialty chemicals production

Fine and specialty chemicals are produced in smaller volumes than bulk chemical production, usually with a very specific purpose in mind. Whether you are producing surfactants, water treatment chemicals, pesticides, polymer additives, resins, adhesives, vitamins, or other substances, efficient heat transfer processes are vital to your business.

Alfa Laval Compabloc, Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers, AlfaVap, AlfaCond, AlfaRex and AlfaNova units are specially designed to meet the demands of the fine and specialty chemicals industry. All these units are compact, simple to install and easy to maintain. This reduces both costs and footprint while increasing efficiency and yield. Moreover, the low hold-up volume of these units is a clear advantage, especially when dealing with hazardous, corrosive or aggressive media.

Doing away with the challenges of fine and specialty chemicals production 

Alfa Laval offers both cutting-edge equipment and expertise. In the Hexion specialty chemicals plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, unwanted waste products collected in the large volumes of water used in the production process. By introducing a complete evaporation system to the process, this problem literally evaporated into the air, and production capacity was increased without creating vast amounts of unwanted waste products.

Fine and specialty chemicals production, batch by batch

Manufacturing fine and specialty chemicals by the batch is common, so consistency and quality are key. Alfa Laval’s reflux condensers, product coolers and jacket heaters/coolers do the job, guaranteeing production quality and efficiency throughout the process.