Koncentreret solenergi

Produktion af en ren vedvarende enrgi, der kan sendes ud til mange husstande, lover godt for fremtiden. Koncentreret solenergi (CSP) kombineret med varmelagring kan medvirke til at sikre fremtidens energiforsyning samt levere ferskvand og varme til andre anvendelser, såsom storstilet fødevareproduktion. Alfa Laval tilbyder avancerede teknologier, der er centrale i forhold til forsyning med solenergi, ferskvand og varme.

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The solar future is looking bright

The sun is the Earth’s largest source of energy, yet it is still largely untapped for power production. International efforts are now underway for industrial-scale harvesting of solar energy. Several CSP plants, particularly in Spain, have been commissioned and have proven the viability of solar thermal power plants.

Installed at many of these CSP plants are Alfa Laval equipment, modules and systems, which contribute to generating solar thermal electricity. 

Alfa Laval solutions for CSP plants

Thermal storage:

  • Ultra compact oil/salt heat exchangers

Steam processes:

  • Turbine condensers
  • Feedwater pre-heaters

Auxiliary cooling:

  • Wet surface air coolers using dirty water streams, such as blow down from reverse osmosis, cooling tower or steam loop, and wastewater from local municipalities
  • Hybrid cooling solutions when coupled to Alfa Laval Dry Coolers

Solar desalination:

  • Multi-effect plate evaporators producing quality boiler feed water

Power block utilities:

  • Oil coolers, oil treatment skids, auxiliary boilers

Wastewater treatment:

  • Decanters and heat exchangers


  • Most advanced thermal storage solutions on the market
  • From water-use minimization to water making
  • Comprehensive water management for arid areas
  • Remote towns can get their power and their water from a local CSP plant

Process overview - molten salt tower CSP

  1. Steam-salt heat exchanger for steam tower thermal storage
  2. Steam generator for molten salt tower
  3. Water makers  for boilers and for cleaning mirrors
  4. Power block

Process overview - hot oil trough CSP

  1. Oil-salt heat exchanger for parabolic thermal storage
  2. Ullage system on thermal oil circuit
  3. Condenser cooling & desalination
  4. Power block